Fruit Fly 1ltr Culture Kit Foam Vented


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Breed your very own fruit flies with these easy to use culturing kits. These kits will suit both Drosophila hydei and D. melanogaster.

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These kits comprise of the items seen in the main picture (except flies); containers, media and excelsior (wood wool) + instructions. With enough supplies to made 10 cultures.

Select your culturing container type by choosing either the standard 500ml (foam bung) KIT 1, 16oz (500ml) Poly Fabric Vent KIT 2 (out of stock), or (1000ml) Foam Vent KIT 3.

The poly fabric vented containers provide greater ventilation. If you wish to produce large quantities of fruit flies per each culture, then choose the 32oz container, as it provides a greater space / surface area for the maggots to pupate. Overcrowding can result in reduced productivity.


 The powder can be mixed easily using cold water from any source, however bottled or reverse osmosis (R.O.) water are the better options.

  1.  Mix the powder and water (ratio 3:5) in the containers provided; 30g of powder per 50ml of water (Kit 3 - 60g powder per 100ml water). Let the new culture stand for a while so that the all the water is absorbed. You may end up with areas of dry powder, so you can either mix the media or leave it for the maggots to do so.
  2.  To prevent wild flies and other insects taking a liking to the new cultures media. Ensure you have placed the lid on and the small black foam filter into the hole in the lid (standard 500ml containers only).
  3.  This stage is optional: For best results, add active baker’s yeast (not included) to the surface of the media. A small pinch will surface.
  4.  Once the media has adsorbed the water, add a fist sized portion of excelsior (wood wool) to allow a greater surface area for the flies. Then add about 50 flies.
  5.  Store cultures between 20 – 24 C for best results. Incubation period will vary depending upon fly species: D. hydei – 21* days, D. melanogaster – 14* days. * Approximately.


Dispose of any cultures that show signs of mites. This will help prevent the mites from spreading between cultures.

Take a look at our Anti-Mite paper to help reduce the spread of mites that can sometime be associated with cultures.

 Media consistency may vary depending on ventilation and temperature throughout the incubation period. If the media starts to dry out (add a few drops via the unique sponge plug) or becomes too wet during the incubation period, adjust the water / media ratio for the next batch.



Spot on.

Very happy with all products and customer service provided.

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Great starter kit

Ordered a culture kit as I'm using too many flys, very impressed, all very good quality, the price is really good aswell. Royal mail lost my parcel, when I got in touch their communication was excellent and helped me get my parcel.


Excellent kit

Having done a few home grown kits myself in the past can thoroughly recommend this kit. With all the essential elements provided all you need is the kit and a live culture to get going. Excellent value, really fast delivery. Kit I received has better lids with no foam bung.

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

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Fruit Fly 1ltr Culture Kit Foam Vented

Fruit Fly 1ltr Culture Kit Foam Vented

Breed your very own fruit flies with these easy to use culturing kits. These kits will suit both Drosophila hydei and D. melanogaster.

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