Mist & Rain Systems

Complete your vivarium with its own Mist and Spray system. Make it rain to encourage breeding behaviours.

Mist & Rain Systems 


  • Tubes & Pipes

    Find a range of tubing and pipe to assist you in building your mist and rain systems. Choose between three sizes and a range of preformed pipes.

  • Connectors

    Find a range of connectors to make your dream mist & rain system a reality. Choose from a range of different sizes and connectors.

  • Pumps

    Find a selection of mist & rain pumps, from single components to Kits and advanced systems.

  • Nozzles & Kits

    Find a great selection of pre-constructed nozzles and kits to help you recreate that tropical environment your creatures require.

  • Mains Timers

    Find a selection of mains timers. Choose the right timer to suit your needs.

  • Water Filters

    Find a selection of different water filters. A highly important component in the mist and rain system. Filters debris to prevent damage to the pump and clogging of the nozzles.