Small Fruit Fly (D. melanogaster)

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We produce our own fruit fly stock of both Drosophila hydei and melanogaster, allowing you to choose not only which species you want, but also allowing you to order the life stage of your culture as either new, intermediate or mature. 

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  • Mature
  • Intermediate
  • Newly Made
  • Std 500ml
  • Go-Large
  • 100ml Vial

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We substitute these for the Turkish Gliders when stock is low

Small Fruit Fly (D. melanogaster) Go-Large

Why have our Go-large culture pots changed? Click here to find out 

What species of Fruit Flies do we sell?

Black (normal) / Golden Fruit Fly 
(Drosophila hydei)

At 2-3mm, they are ideal for small species such as frogs, lizards and inverts (mantises)


Small Fruit Fly
(Drosophila melanogaster)

At 1.5 - 2mm they are ideal for tiny species such as thumbnail dart frogs or neo natal frogs, lizards and inverts (mantises)



Choose between Go-Large or Standard sized cultures:

The standard size culture is suitable for those that have a few animals to feed. The Go-Large option was introduced to meet the demands of the serious frog breeder. Each culture has double the media (Drosophila Mix), in a pot that is double the size as the standard tub, resulting in double the production. The only thing we didn't double, was the price. So at an extra £1.50, you cannot go wrong.


Fruit Fly Life Stage Definition:

New Culture = Freshly made

Intermediate = Visible maggots & possible casts

Mature = Many visible casts and possible adults flies emerging


We will try our best to provide you with a culture that matches your choice. Remember to plan your fruit fly orders to ensure that you always have a steady supply, as we cannot always guarantee adult flies on arrival.


What if the life stage you want is not in stock? 

If ‘Mature’ stages are out of stock, order an ‘Intermediate’ stage. As all we will do is place an Intermediate culture to one side for you and wait for it to mature, and after all, you can do that yourself and use the flies the moment they hatch.


How do I Maintain the Fruit Fly Culture? – Easy

Once you receive delivery of your new culture/s, all you have to do is place it somewhere at room temperature (20 to 22 Celsius). Sit back and wait for the flies to pupate and emerge as adults. The time period for the culture to develop, pupate and adults to emerge may vary depend upon the developmental stage of the culture and the ambient temperature. Generally D. hydei take about 3 weeks and D. melanogaster take about 2 weeks to complete their life stages (from egg to adult fly) at 20 to 24 Celsius. 


Why choose Advanced Husbandry Fruit Fly Cultures?

All of our flies are breed here at Advanced Husbandry. Using the finest grade ingredients, we produce and use our very own media formula (Drosophila Mix), which you can buy directly from us to produce your own cultures.

We also use our very own fruit fly tubs (Standard size) which use a unique foam filter. This filter provides the best way to harvest your flies without the risk of having too many escapees; adding that extra safe guard if you were to accidentally drop the culture.


Live Food Delivery Information


Orders are sent out Royal Mail Monday through to Friday. When placing an order, you must be sure that someone can take delivery of the live food on the following day/s. In the event that your order does not arrive, please contact us. 







Fruit flies

Absolutely amazing service first time using advancedhusbandry and the fruit flies were well packaged and arrived bang on time as my little jumping spider has just moulted a day ago! Can’t fault them one bit! Will definitely be buying from them again!


Great product and service to match !

Really pleased with this product: of a high quality, well-priced and good value for money.

Great service, easy and efficient to deal with.

Would thoroughly recommend.


Best place for my dart frogs needs

Had dart frogs for a while now and tried a lot of companies and this is by far the best place, was looking at here for a while but the price I thought was expensive compared to stuff you can buy in amazon. Finally bought some a few months back and wow the quality is by far the best I have had, the the go large size is about 3 times the size I was buying on amazon so although i originally thought it was expensive itndoes out better value, that’s even including the cost of shipping, the clean up crew have been brilliant and the moss I have just tried was better then what I was expecting. I have been cultivating my flies for a while now and was making my own food for them and even tried a few big brand names but there Drosophila Mix has gotten the best results out of any of them. Overall I am one happy chappy with everything I have bought from this company. Although I don’t know what the customer care is like as I have never had to use it

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Great product

My tropical fish, especially the Dermogenys pusilla, absolutely love these. Easy to breed. Excellent live food.

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Extremely productive

This product is, without doubt, the most productive fruitfly culture I've ever bought.

I ordered the large "mature culture" version of this product and it came absolutely teeming with adult flies and was ready for immediate use with my dart frogs. The culture has been going strong for around two weeks now (it is just dying back now) and it still has no taint or odour problems.

An absolutely first class culture which I have no problem highly recommending to others.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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Small Fruit Fly (D. melanogaster)

Small Fruit Fly (D. melanogaster)

We produce our own fruit fly stock of both Drosophila hydei and melanogaster, allowing you to choose not only which species you want, but also allowing you to order the life stage of your culture as either new, intermediate or mature. 

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