Large Fruit Fly (D. hydei) Go-Large

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We produce our own fruit fly stock of both Drosophila hydei and melanogaster, allowing you to choose not only which species you want, but also allowing you to order the life stage of your culture as either new, intermediate or mature. 

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Supplied as Golden Hydei or Black Fruit Fly (D. hydei) Go-Large

Why have our Go-large culture pots changed? Click here to find out 

What species of Fruit Flies do we sell?

Black (normal) / Golden Fruit Fly 
(Drosophila hydei)

At 2-3mm, they are ideal for small species such as frogs, lizards and inverts (mantises)


Small Fruit Fly
(Drosophila melanogaster)

At 1.5 - 2mm they are ideal for tiny species such as thumbnail dart frogs or neo natal frogs, lizards and inverts (mantises)



Choose between Go-Large or Standard sized cultures:

The standard size culture is suitable for those that have a few animals to feed. The Go-Large option was introduced to meet the demands of the serious frog breeder. Each culture has double the media (Drosophila Mix), in a pot that is double the size as the standard tub, resulting in double the production. The only thing we didn't double, was the price. So at an extra £1.50, you cannot go wrong.


Fruit Fly Life Stage Definition:

New Culture = Freshly made

Intermediate = Visible maggots & possible casts

Mature = Many visible casts and possible adults flies emerging


We will try our best to provide you with a culture that matches your choice. Remember to plan your fruit fly orders to ensure that you always have a steady supply, as we cannot always guarantee adult flies on arrival.


What if the life stage you want is not in stock? 

If ‘Mature’ stages are out of stock, order an ‘Intermediate’ stage. As all we will do is place an Intermediate culture to one side for you and wait for it to mature, and after all, you can do that yourself and use the flies the moment they hatch.


How do I Maintain the Fruit Fly Culture? – Easy

Once you receive delivery of your new culture/s, all you have to do is place it somewhere at room temperature (20 to 22 Celsius). Sit back and wait for the flies to pupate and emerge as adults. The time period for the culture to develop, pupate and adults to emerge may vary depend upon the developmental stage of the culture and the ambient temperature. Generally D. hydei take about 3 weeks and D. melanogaster take about 2 weeks to complete their life stages (from egg to adult fly) at 20 to 24 Celsius. 


Why choose Advanced Husbandry Fruit Fly Cultures?

All of our flies are breed here at Advanced Husbandry. Using the finest grade ingredients, we produce and use our very own media formula (Drosophila Mix), which you can buy directly from us to produce your own cultures.

We also use our very own fruit fly tubs (Standard size) which use a unique foam filter. This filter provides the best way to harvest your flies without the risk of having too many escapees; adding that extra safe guard if you were to accidentally drop the culture.


Live Food Delivery Information


Orders are sent out Royal Mail Monday through to Friday. When placing an order, you must be sure that someone can take delivery of the live food on the following day/s. In the event that your order does not arrive, please contact us. 




Really professional: next day delivery, well packaged, super culture - I will definitely use them again!


The best, it’s as simple as that.

I culture my own flies but as mine slow or produce weaker offspring I alway come here to get new quality stock. How the standard is kept so high I don’t know but all I can say is these are the best fly cultures in the UK and the service is always spot on.

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

The best!

The very best. I tried quite a few other sellers before I found Richard but I've not looked back since.
I have never once found a mite which was very very common with other sellers. Most people wouldn't see them unless/until a bad infestation broke out. I have always taken macro shots of my spiders so they used to be easy to spot. Not just mite free, but clean and plentiful. Can't count the number of times I had stinking, leaking fly packages at the end of their run before I found these. I also have always received fantastic customer service. :)

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

Quality Service

I had supply problems when my local reptile outlet's normal insect supplier got bought out. One of the staff recommended Advanced Husbandry and ice used just six months now. The service is superb and the packaging is brilliant (I've ordered fruit flies through the post and the culture arrives all over the container). I've never this problem here. Keep up the excellent work thank you.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Best in Britain

Hands down the best producer of flies in Britain. Ordered many times and will continue to do so as iv never had one problem with my orders. Don’t expect too either as its such a professional service and a great company to do business with. Keep up the good work Richard.


Best fruit flies

I recommend this to my friends. It is the best supplier in this country.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

The best!

I cannot recommend Advanced Husbandry highly enough!
Their black fruit flies are large, meaty and clean.
I put an order in late yesterday, I'm pretty sure it was getting on for 4.30 pm, and my flies arrived today. I know this is well past the cut off time of 2pm so that's brilliant, and it's not the first time they have gone out of their way to provide great service.
I trust their product to be great quality and have never had a problem with them. :)



I only buy from here now. I did have one box with slightly less than 'flightless' flies in but this was a one off. All other suppliers I've used have not been any where near the consistency in quality so now I don't bother going anywhere else.


fruit fly shipment

my recent shipment again arrived in excellent condition and quality. Im not being paid to say this but it really is top quality.

I ordered a bit late about 2:40 pm but low and behold arrived the next morning with the instruction given on the parcel '' to be left on door mat'' !

Oh by the way thanks for keeping true to your word and sticking the extra box in as agreed much appreciated I had forgotten about this.

Keep up the good work and excellent service thanks. Lui


recent fruit fly and fruit fly culture mix 400g

Once again all arrived safe and sound, fast delivery top quality fly I highly recommend the fruit fly culture mix .
its easy to mix up with full instruction and tips.

As always the packaging is brilliant and I also like the attention to detail like taping the 400g of culture mix top the inside of the box to stop it moving and damaging the fly containers in transit. (appreciated)
give these guys a try You will not be disappointed.
Thanks again well done!!


Excellent and Cheapest around. These cultures produce double in

These fruit fly cultures produce twice the amount of flies in comparison to any fruit fly cultures I have bought in the past 5-6 years. I have not found a mite in them as yet and no mould has grown either. the innovative design of each tub seems to aid the larval and pupae stages as well as making the adult flies really easy to feed out. and guess what THEY ARE CHEAPER THAN THEIR COMPETITORS!!!! Awesome service, delivery time and quality.

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Large Fruit Fly (D. hydei) Go-Large

Large Fruit Fly (D. hydei) Go-Large

We produce our own fruit fly stock of both Drosophila hydei and melanogaster, allowing you to choose not only which species you want, but also allowing you to order the life stage of your culture as either new, intermediate or mature. 

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